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This wiki is an attempt to document some of the legacy that server had and still have today. Anybody can edit this page as long as he/she have something to share about the legacy.

The legacy can be anything related to the history, the current affairs and even some experiences which the members have had on server.

History was founded by hsr in the year 2010 [accurate date needed]. The domain is hosted on the VPS server provided by [1].

... [More details]

During the 2014, suffered a big outage which resulted in the loss of all the server data. The data were restored by offline backups like sync of Wordpress to dropbox accounts and also from the Google cache. It was this time that serious concerns started to rose on the stability of Leaseweb. Search for alternative VPS providers were begun. In January of 2015, new VPS server was bought on Digital Ocean, an SSD only VPS provider.


Edufor started off as an education forum created by the member Aaruni where anyone could discuss anything about their passion among like minded people or seek and offer academic help.

With the help of old timer members of krow, he was able to expand edufor to span various services and personal projects. As of this time, EduFor services include a User Forum, a personal blog, an imager, and a static repo. All of these can be accessed by a central landing page

With the approval of his GitHub Education Pack, he now has access to his own domain name, making him independent of Fosspowered's help. The new domain is a stub. You may find it here. was hosted on server in the January of 2014. This website was hosted by Vyom (Vineet Kumar) for personal blogging. The platform chosen for the same was Wordpress. As of today the site have following parts: is a commercial site which is also hosted on the server where is hosted. is a portal for magazine related publication and consists of following modules:


Link for the IRC server is: IRC where the members of krow remains in touch for the most part. Three bots, currently named b0tman, Hexerr and RegX (formally Qirc) are hosted on